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National Science Foundation-Funded Proactive Recruitment for Introductory Science and Mathematics (PRISM) Program




Welcome to the SSU PRISM website.  PRISM is funded by the National Science Foundation, to increase the interest and appreciation of Savannah State University students in math
and science majors.  It is a 5 year program, with funding of $1.5 million.  The program aims to increase the number of freshman and sophomore students majoring in math and
science disciplines at SSU and support them through to graduation and to successful entry into graduate school or professional careers.


The SSU PRISM program is a collaboration between SSU and GA Tech - Savannah Campus.   The program focuses on showing the importance of math in all STEM areas and how a
strong foundation in math is critical to plan and operate the commercial/industrial enterprises of the Savannah region.  Partnerships with our local industries, businesses,
and government agencies will be a cornerstone of the PRISM program. 


The program will demonstrate the importance of math through an interdisciplinary approach with 2 STEM disciplines:  environmental science and engineering technology. 
Hands-on applications will be developed in the environmental science and engineering technology areas to show how each relies on a strong foundation in math concepts.


The main activities of the PRISM program are:


1) Scholarships for 30 freshman/sophomores who major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math).

2) Summer discovery learning and field work for the 30 PRISM scholars at SSU, GA Tech-Savannah Campus, and local industries

3) Enrichment of introductory STEM classes with Discovery Lab hands-on applications

4) Monthly seminar series to present career options and technical and professional development to all SSU students





The SSU PRISM program is directed by Dr. Mulatu Lemma, Professor, Mathematics (PRISM Principal Investigator - PI).


Dr. Mulatu Lemma

Professor, Mathematics

Herty 209



Dr. Lemma is assisted with program administration by Drs. Lambright and Paramasivam, Project Co-PIs.


Dr. Jonathan Lambright

Interim Chair, Engineering Technology

Hubert D, 121



Dr.  Paramasivam Sivapatham

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science

Hubert A, 120