Kenneth B. Williams, Jr., MPH
NSF-MAGEC-STEM Plus Program Manager

Fax: 912-358-4786
Office: Hubert A, Room 104
Mailing Address:
Savannah State University
P.O. Box 40289
Savannah, GA 31404

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MAGEC-STEM-PLUS Announcement
Program Summary:

From 2003-2009, Savannah State University (SSU) embarked on its most comprehensive program to date to strengthen STEM education at the University through the implementation of the NSF HBCU-UP Program, Minority Access for Graduate Education and Careers (MAGEC-STEM). The program focused on increased enrollment and enhanced teaching and student support services primarily in certain defined areas, which were:

1) Active recruitment of students into the STEM disciplines from targeted high schools, resulting in a 35% increase in enrollment of students, and

2) Mentored research experiences with conference attendance, which was provided to more than 150 students over the 5 year term.

This mentored research experience was the backbone and strongest revitalizing agent of our program. The program
produced results beyond the expectations of its participants and the University community at large and confirmed that the innate abilities of students drawn from the population we serve mesh with the high demands and rigor of advanced STEM education. 

SSU has received continuation of this support for the MAGEC-STEM Plus program, this will be used to build on the foundation we have established with the initial program and to sustain the culture of excellence and the high standards and expectations we have created. The MAGEC-STEM Plus program will incorporate improvements and enhancements to the program based on the lessons learned, our evaluation of the strengths and accomplishments of the initial program, and our assessment of where we need to go to meet our existing needs.

Continuation of the support through the MAGEC-STEM Plus program will enable the University to deepen, expand, and sustain the successful STEM activities to maturity for continued institutionalization. The MAGEC-STEM Plus Program will further strengthen the culture of STEM excellence at the University by further expanding and deepening our outreach, teaching, and mentoring activities through the following three objectives:

1.  Curricular Development, Revision and Enhancement Reform,

2.  Expanding Pathways for Undergraduate Recruitment, Enrichment, Retention and Research Experience, and

3.  Strengthening the Faculty Development Activities. 


Currently Accepting Applications(Juniors Only)